Antonia Pantazatou

Teaching style

I teach Vinyasa Flow classes, which are greatly influenced by Anusara and Rasa Yoga. Both styles of asana practice perfectly balance the optimal alignment with the flowing and creative exploration of the possibilities of the physical and subtle body. This way, the students can safely and effective approach each pose, as well as explore the fullness of their breath and the edges of their physical body in such a way that honours their individual needs and supports their unique expression of each pose. Through playing between these two opposites, cultivating strength and steadiness and, at the same time, freedom, openness and playfulness, the body becomes stronger and freer, the mind becomes steady and clear, and the heart fully expands and opens.
The refinement of the physical practice is supported by the teachings, practices and stories of the Yoga tradition, inviting the students to expand and refine their awareness, connect to their innate power and wholeheartedly commit to the expression of their unique self. At times, during the asana practice there will be an exploration of different practices such as pranayama, meditation, mudra and mantra. Through the combination of these elements students can access all parts of themselves and act more fully from a place of wholeness, integrity and authenticity.


I came to yoga from a background in classical ballet and contemporary dance. This intensive study of movement naturally led me to the nurturing, healing and empowering benefits of yoga. I am passionate about constantly refining my understanding and application of the teachings of Yoga, both as a student and teacher. My intention is to serve my students and support them to create a true transformation in their bodies, minds and hearts.

I have attended several teacher trainings and I am accredited both by the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500/YACEP). I have completed several teacher trainings with truly inspiring teachers such as Anna Ashby, Bridget Woods Kramer (Anusara Yoga) and Sianna Sherman (Rasa Yoga) among others. Throughout my trainings I have enthusiastically pursued my interest in the philosophy of Yoga and the principles of optimal alignment, as well as other practices of Yoga such as meditation, pranayama, mudra, mantra and Yoga Nidra.