Gabriele Lombardo

Teaching style

I teach a dynamic flow based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. While retaining the aspects of this system which challenge you to go deeper and extend the limits of your flexibility, strength, stamina and focus, a gentle balance is struck by never tipping into a place of forceful pushing. The focus always is to come back to feeling the body from within, leaning towards a state of being that is awake, aware, and yet fully ‘available’.


I encountered Yoga when I starting actor training aged eighteen, and it is largely due to the discoveries that I made on the mat that I later progressed to train and work as a movement teacher for actors. Even then, my interest in Yoga could not be contained solely by the world of performance training, and so I began deepening my practice in line with the Ashtanga System. Eventually, what I found was a tool that would serve me not just in my professional or artistic life, but in my personal life also. I have found yoga to be a constant when life is so inconstant, and yet it is never stuck or frozen in place. It is a dynamic, living thing which adapts to serve the body and mind that come to it, different and new every day, and in every moment. 

That being said, my work as a performer and movement teacher has put in a place to understand the subtler aspects of a practice which goes so much further than simply boosting one’s fitness. While undoubtedly it does that in a whole-body way, it also provides us with a vantage point from which we can quite literally ‘feel’ into our physical and mental experience, and therefore care for our ourselves in a more holistic and long-lasting manner. 

Life is hard work, and while commitment is a key element to bring onto the mat, I don’t think the practice should be hard work: I like to keep things light and see if we can also smile to ourselves and each other as we take this journey. Breathe, breathe, breathe… and enjoy!

I have completed a 200hr Teacher Training in the Ashtanga Yoga System with Ryan Spielman in 2017.