Director & senior teacher:

Matt Ryan

It seems like a lifetime ago since I was DJing at the world famous Hacienda nightclub in Manchester. Due to life’s complexities I hung up the headphones in the late 90’s and headed for Mysore South India to study with the Ashtanga Yoga Guru Sri K Pattabhi Jois and the rest as they say is history.

Since that first visit to Mysore I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve set up Yoga Manchester and Yoga Express in the sunny North-West of England as well as creating and developing a unique yoga product the nee-ji – the safe knee support for yoga and meditation.

I have practised Ashtanga Yoga for over 22 years and taught for the last 20. Although based in London now, I have also taught in USA ,India and Europe as well as all over the UK.

It is an absolute honour and privilege to pass on what I have learnt on my yoga journey to anyone who is interested. The Yoga practice has taught me everything from humility to having a sense of humour. I have also learnt that there are no short cuts in yoga — you can read all the books from Amazon (there’s plenty – I’ve bought most of them) but at the end of the day my experience tells me that that there is no substitute for time spent on the mat.

I have been level 2 authorized  to pass on the Ashtanga Yoga method by the late Pattabhis Jois.. I am currently working on the Advanced B of the Ashtanga system having already completed the first three sequences.

Away from Ashtanga I study Zen Buddhism under my teacher Brad Warner. I am dedicated to the daily practice of Zazen (Zen form of meditation). Zazen has completely transformed the way I approach the Ashtanga practice and it has helped me understand the internal mind aspect of the practice.


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