Naomi Baird

Teaching style

Naomi leads dynamic and challenging vinyasa classes designed to enable you to experience your natural state, and/or the obstacles to that state. Each class is tailored to differing levels and abilities, with attention to safe alignment and optional variations given. Emphasis is placed on cultivating presence by focussing on the breath-mind-body connection. Cultivating a conscious connection with our breath as we practice brings clarity, focus and calm that can brought into our lives off the mat. Flowing sequences are set to uplifting music.


Naomi has practiced yoga for over 15 years, taking her first class on the banks of a holy lake in India. She has completed two 200hr teacher trainings; 1) in hatha yoga at the Jungle Yoga Ashram in Thailand with Randal O’Learly, and 2) in vinyasa at Sangy√© Yoga School in London with senior Jivamukti teacher Cat Alip-Douglas.