Rochelle Larson

Teaching style

I teach Fitness Vinyasa Yoga where you get a great workout, develop strength both physically and mentally, and activate the mind-body connection. Students leave the studio with the strength of a warrior, a serene peace of mind and an acceptance of self. We seek an open heart that sees deep into the soul, allowing the practice of yoga to permeate life outside of the studio.


Master of Education with a background in school teaching, I bring a learner-focused understanding to yoga.  I know that each student arrives to the yoga studio with different needs and expectations and I strive to meet you where you are at in order to help your personal journey with yoga flourish.  I believe yoga is a personal journey for everyone – beautiful and unique – whether a beginner or someone who has been practicing for years.  Compared to other fitness disciplines, yoga alone perfectly unites mind, body and breath – all the while working on balance, strength, flexibility and mindfulness.  I came to yoga as a competitive runner in 2009 looking for recovery from injuries and help with tightness in the muscles.  At first I questioned whether yoga was “a workout”.  Dare I confess that I often left the studio during savasana as a beginner, thinking “this isn’t a workout!”.  Now I know better!  I’m happy to report that I have now been converted.  The therapeutic benefits of yoga won me over.

I suggest:

— leaving all expectations and particularly the ego at the door – be renewed each time you come to your mat

— falling over – if you’re not falling sometimes then perhaps you’re not pushing yourself to your limits

— laughing at yourself – have fun – enjoy your practice and keep a lighthearted attitude, and most importantly, never give up

Keep a regular practice!  Keep learning!  Continue on your journey with yoga.

It’s hard to unplug from today’s constant technology demands, to release from the stress of our busy lives, and to commune with our own bodies – but you CAN do this with a proper yoga practice.  I’m trained in Ashtanga yoga, teach Astanga and Vinyasa flow, and enjoy working with people at all levels in yoga and especially runners.