Headstand for Beginners

10 Mar 2018

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Saturday, 10 Mar 2018
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Headstand for Beginners


Sirsasana (headstand) is known as the “King of Asanas”.  In this workshop we will work towards achieving Salamba Sirsasana where the body is inverted and held upright by the forearms, elbows and crown of the head.  Inversions help to bring the many systems of the body into equilibrium; balancing not only the physical, but also the energetic, emotional and mental bodies, as well as promoting spiritual development.

This 2 hour workshop will focus on preparing the body through opening the shoulders, strengthening the arms and shoulder girdle. We will look in detail at creating a solid foundation and look at the different stages that lead up to the full pose.

Suitable for all levels except for complete beginners.


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