Inversions Workshop (incl.Headstands & Shoulderstands)

08 Sep 2018

Inversions Workshop (incl.Headstands & Shoulderstands) thumbnail image


Saturday, 08 Sep 2018
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Inversions Workshop (incl.Headstands & Shoulderstands)


There isn’t always time in a regular yoga session to work on your inversions (head stands , shoulder stands etc) so this 3 hour workshop with Yoga London Club’s Jenny Fearnley will be a perfect opportunity for you to overcome any fears you might have about the inverted yoga postures and experience life upside down !

Whatever level your practice is today you will be able to experience a range of different techniques to find a strong foundation which will enable you to stand on your head..

This workshop is open to all levels.
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