Vinyasa Online


The Yoga London Club online 45 min weekday sessions will feature a different theme on each session  and will be open to ALL levels.The classes will have an Ashtanga Vinyasa base but with lots of variations given. Please see below for class descriptions. The Vinyasa 45 sequence has been specifically designed to provide the benefits of a 90-minute yoga class but in less time.

Mondays 7pm-7.45pm

The Classic Yoga London Club Vinyasa 45 sequence. Designed by YLC director Matt Ryan this flowing 45 min sequence is a short form of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary series  featuring sun salutations , standing & seated postures , balances , back bends  and shoulder stands to finish. Open to ALL levels – beginners very welcome.

Tuesdays 7pm-7.45pm

Ashtanga with an emphasis on Vinyasa. Using Ashtanga as a base this fun yet challenging sequence  features  postures from other yoga practices including Iyengar , Hatha Rocket etc. . Open to ALL levels.

Wednesdays 7pm-8pm

An hour long intro to the second series of Ashtanga Yoga. A challenging and fun short form of the intermediate sequence – lost of variations will be given – advice and technique to make it an approachable and user friendly experience. Appropriate for students with  at least 4-6 months experience of Ashtanga.

Thursdays 7pm-7.45pm

The Vinyasa 45 Flow. Thursdays  class will feature a different sequence each week and will flow in a more ‘vinyasa’ style practice where anything goes – so expect the unexpected. Open to ALL levels.

Fridays 7pm-7.45pm

The Freestyle Fridays session will be a  more relaxed yin  (as opposed to the Yang type of Ashtanga Yoga) style practice , and will be a laid back grove kinda session. Open to ALL levels. This class is ideal for new comers to yoga.

Saturdays 10-10.45am

It’s get up and go time with our Saturday morning class. Re-energise from the week and feel revitalised for the weekend ahead. This class will help you to create a calm, focused and centred mind, so begin your journey here. Although the class is perfect for beginners, it’s also great for those looking for a slow and mindful back to basics class, a great way to get back into yoga

How to access the classes

If you have the Zoom App the meeting number is 293 442 5773

If you don’t have the Zoom App – don’t worry just copy and paste the following link into your browser window:

Once you’ve pasted the link you will be prompted to ‘Open Link’, then a box will open with the live feed – just click on the ‘Join without Video’ button on the bottom right of the page.


Class Payment

These daily week day classes can be paid for on an individual basis or class pass system please see below for breakdown of the class pass system. There is a single class concession price included.

Please note that if you are struggling financially due to the lock down  please email to arrange a free session.

The class pass system below is completely self policing, I trust everyone will in good faith be able to adhere to the payment schedule and appropriate time frames for the class passes.

The 5 class pass is valid for 1 month with the 10 class pass valid for 2 months. The unlimited monthly pass is valid for 1 month. To choose your option click on the box below scroll to choose which class pass you want then click the yellow ‘Buy Now’ button.

Class prices


Matt Ryan thumbnail Matt RyanMonday19:00 - 19:4519:00 - 19:45
Matt Ryan thumbnail Matt RyanTuesday19:00 - 19:4519:00 - 19:45
Matt Ryan thumbnail Matt RyanWednesday19:00 - 20:0019:00 - 20:00
Matt Ryan thumbnail Matt RyanThursday19:00 - 19:4519:00 - 19:45
Matt Ryan thumbnail Matt RyanFriday19:00 - 19:4519:00 - 19:45
Matt Ryan thumbnail Matt RyanSaturday10:00 - 10:4510:00 - 10:45