Belen Ballesteros San Martin

Teaching style

I teach Vinyasa flow classes with verbal alignment cues and hands-on adjustments to serve my students better, both to encourage a correct execution and to help them go deeper into each asana.

I focus on the link between breath and movement to remind students to be present and practice mindfully. All levels are welcome as I offer different modifications to keep the practice interesting and challenging for everyone. Use of yoga blocks is also encouraged.

Expect a class where you will have to concentrate and work but also enjoy yourself, whilst the background music and my sense of humour will balance the hard work with a smile. You will leave the class feeling relaxed, stretched, and happier!


I started practicing yoga 17 years ago at my local gym in addition to my regular swimming and gym routines. It gradually started taking over until I literally caught the yoga bug! I have never been a super sporty gym bunny, quite the opposite! I was a happy bookworm who did a bit of swimming and took long walks in nature as a form of exercise and relaxation.

However, the more I practiced yoga, the more amazed I became at the results. It started with obvious physical benefits (I lost around 10kg) but it went beyond that: I felt calmer, happier and more connected to myself and the world around me. This was the reason that made me want to become a teacher.

I gained my first qualification of YTT200 with YogaLondon in 2015 and a second YTT200 with Cat Alip-Douglas from Sangye (Jivamukti Affiliate) in 2016. I believe that yoga is a journey that never stops. To serve my students to the best of my abilities, I continue to deepen my knowledge by attending different courses and workshops both in London and Barcelona.

I believe that if everyone practiced yoga the world would be a better place. I simply want to spread the joy!