Ester Mundo

Teaching style

I teach Vinyasa, a form of yoga where there is a strong emphasis on breath synchronised with movement. So expect to breath deeply as it has magical effects ?. Sequences are created to meet different focus and might be challenging but fun at the same time.
The classes focus are on cultivating awareness, alignment and breath. My aim is for you to leave the class feeling calm, grounded, energised and more balanced.

Sunday beginners class introduce students to different asanas giving options and alternatives to meet the practitioners’ needs. We use props and physical adjustments for you to progress in your yoga practice.


I discovered yoga at my local gym. I was very curious to try it and I still remember the first class as it was like feeling home. Since then and gradually yoga has taken part of my life.
I completed the teacher training at London’s Triyoga under Susannah Hoffman and Jeff Phenix.
Meanwhile I did the Special yoga for special children at the Special Yoga Foundation (SYF) with Jo Manuel and Yoga for children with Susannah Hoffman.
I totally believe that the profound effects that yoga offer on a physical, physiological and energetic level are a gift that everybody can benefit from.