Jess Kasriel

Teaching style

In my dynamic vinyasa flow classes, I emphasise the importance of the breath guiding the movement as well as mindful transitions, creating a meditative flow. I start classes with sometimes relevant astrology but always bringing awareness to the breath, inviting to breathe deeply so that fresh oxygen can reach the areas of the body that are normally disregarded when we are tired, stressed and anxious and tend to automatically fall back on shallow breathing. I find that by bringing awareness to the breath at the start of class, it can allow a fuller and richer yoga practise.

Be sure to feel warm after a few rounds of Sun Salutations, which allows the body to go deeper in the standing and seated poses of the practise. I guide using verbal cues and physical adjustments to correct alignment, highlighting the importance of strengthening as well as flexibility to help prevent injuries. I tend to create my own music playlists and finish the classes with a light head massage in Savasana. I bring the intention of providing a warm, peaceful and creative space for students to feel safe in to further allow them to go inward and connect to their true essence.


I am a former professional tennis player and played for Great Britain on numerous occasions, travelling the world and competing until I was 18. I went to Rice University in Houston, Texas, where I continued to play competitively and graduated with a BA in Psychology and Pre-Med.

What I love most about yoga is that it can help reconnect us to the body and can help us leave classes feeling both energised and calm.  It is one of the few tools in life that can calm the crazy ‘monkey mind’ and where one can find utter peace and serenity in just being.

As well as a yoga teacher, I am also a registered Shamanic Nutritionist and Reiki practitioner.