Pernilla Holland

Teaching style

I teach a dynamic flow class based on the Ashtanga series. I specialise in alignment combined with an ease and awareness where we emphasise on being present in the breath. I use audio cues, hands on adjustments and guide you through the class which will leave you feeling balanced, relaxed and more awake. All levels are welcome as I offer different modifications to serve you in your practise.

I am also a professional comedian so expect to smile and giggle.


I have a background in ballet, contemporary dance, Feldenkreis and Alexander Technique. I am a trained actor and I have a lot of first hand experience when it comes to dealing with injury prevention as well as strengthening and keeping the body aligned and healthy. In 2016 I completed a 200 hr Teacher Training in the Ashtanga Yoga System with Ryan Spielman and since then I have been teaching in the UK and Internationally.

I personally do yoga as it keeps me not only physically fit but mentally strong. I am more peaceful and happier. As I continue my practise I am more and more in awe of the amazing benefits I receive and I am so grateful for learning every day. I hope to share this in the class and inspire your practise.