Simona Boscolo

Teaching style

As a yoga teacher my aim is to create a space for students to discover their own potential and to offer a grounding and uplifting experience reminding them that with patience, dedication and consistent practice, everything is possible.

Classes are taught with a focus on integration between movement and breath and with attention to alignment. I use hands on assists to help students gain deeper insight, to support them, help them to refine and add depth to their practice.


As a ballet and contemporary professional dancer, yoga was a natural transition.

It strengthened the awareness I had of my own body and fuelled my fascination with the physical form and the study of movement.

Having worked for fifteen years in the luxury industry as a fashion designer, my yoga practice helped me to maintain balance within a highly stressful and fast paced lifestyle.

The profound physical, mental and emotional impact this had on me left me curious and keen to find out more. This led me to embrace the journey of teaching to be able to share this knowledge with others.

I have spent several years exploring varied yoga disciplines.

I undertook my first Yoga Teacher Training with Santosha Yoga Institute in Bali. Through my studies, I developed a deep connection with the Jivamukti method which represents for me the perfect blend of creativity and structure. I am particularly drawn to its focus on a dynamic practice that places strong emphasis on scriptures and total well-being. This led me to Sangyé Yoga School, formerly Jivamukti Yoga London, where I completed an intense Vinyasa training program under the guidance of Cat Alip-Douglas.