Tania Hordiyevych

Teaching style

In my class I teach postures with emphasis on good alignment, moving with the breath and mindfulness. Using main elements of Yoga postures, pranayamas, mental focus etc. I strive to deliver a well-rounded practice. Taking into consideration different abilities and physical fitness of the students I give modifications to the poses and encourage use of props. I teach Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga ideally taking best of both styles eg. in the beginning more dynamic warm up, Suria Namaskar and more static poses towards the end of the class, leaving students relaxed and calm after the class.


I started practicing Yoga about 15 years ago as an addition to my fitness regime, but 10 years ago after a serious knee injury Yoga became my best friend and a great help in my rehabilitation, then I needed a practice that will give me strength, balance, good alignment and safe space to get back on my feet. And so my exploration of different styles and schools of Yoga lead me to Yogacampus teacher training course. I gained my qualification of YTT200 in London with Yogacampus in March 2014. Other aspect of Yoga I’m very interested in is Yoga Nidra and meditation, It gives great results for my students and myself. So for me Yoga is a journey. It’s a journey towards self-discovery and better understanding of the world around me, it’s endless source of excitement and passion in my life.