Yoska Bosch

Teaching style

The goal of my classes is to inspire students to become aware of who they truly are and feel connected to themselves. My classes are nurturing, mindful and grounding. The focus lies not only in finding the right alignment in a posture, but more importantly finding the right alignment for your body in that posture. Finding your alignment gives you a solid foundation for a practice that can last a lifetime.

As I teach Hatha and Yin you can expect breath work and meditation to be part of the practice as
well. Every body is welcome in my Beginners and Express class on Saturday morning.


At the age of 16 I attended my first yoga class. Since then I have practiced various yoga styles and experimented with different types of dance. It was not until I traveled to Australia in 2013 that my strong passion for yoga turned in to my life purpose.

From Australia I continued traveling to India to deepen my yoga practice in an ashram. India led me to Bali, where I did a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher training, to then end the journey in Nepal where I expanded my knowledge of Buddhism and meditation. After three years of traveling and developing as a yogi I have chosen London as a home base. I continue my yoga studies with Anna Ashby, Joey Miles, Sarah Powers and many others. I believe in the importance of being humble in my teaching and remaining open to development. I regularly attend workshops and training to keep enriching and improving my yoga practice.